Clear2view - Window Cleaning

Latest technology and equipment

Clear2view use the latest technology to help improve the cleaning process and help get a better final result. We have not only invested in new technology to provide a chemical free purified system, but also made sure that it is allows us to be self sufficient.

The Water-fed Pole System

Water Fed Pole is a chemical free system using Pure filtered water, which passes through 5 filtration systems before being delivered. The Thermo Pure System offers heated pure water for the removal of the more stubborn residues. It includes the cleaning of glass, frames & sills from the safety of the ground so meeting all modern changes in health & safety requirements.

Completely self sufficient cleaning system

The system is completely self contained meaning that our specially converted van not only holds 650 litres of water meaning that we never need to fill up on site, but also all power required to power the sophisticated jets system and the mechanisum for heating the water is produced within the confinements of the van.

Why the need for change in window cleaning technology.....

Health and safety changes means alternative window cleaning methods are having to be adopted

Water cleaning with pure filtered water technology

No ladders required due to the reach and wash system water fed pole system.

Increased efficiency and productivity in comparison to ladder work

No detergent is used in the process meaning that windows stay cleaner for longer

Our equipment is contained in the van meaning a simplistic cleaning process and minimal disruption to building occupants.

Due to our technological cleaning process there is no need for heavy access equipment .

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